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Hi there, my name is Helios! I'm an young self-taught artist, writer, and plushie maker logging my adventures in life here! I hope you enjoy my blogs and may you have a good day or night! | 22 | Trans Male | He/Him

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Waterfall Art Meme

haven't really been active on here but i saw this meme from my friend @kinghelios33 and decided to try it !

original meme by @jellyenvy



Cy, your art is always such a treat to see and I ADORE how you drew Celina!!! She looks so cute in your style, I love this!

You did such a good job on this!!!

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Waterfall Art Meme!

I saw this and after @supermario drew Celina for his, I knew I just had to do it!

So, here's my turn! I included a few of my favorite most recent pieces and drew Math's Ende for the part where you draw someone's OC! I tried to go off of her profession and where she lives since Math didn't describe her current appearance. <3

Thank you to @jellyenvy for making this meme! It was really fun!!!

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filled out that fancy meet the artist thing :0 the template is in the last post i reblogged, by jellyenvy!

it's a bit doodly since ive got other stuff to do tonight but yeah :)

i dont have any waterfall artist friends (yet!) but feel free to do this if you want to!

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The Waterfall Art Meme made by user jellyenvy and filled out by user supermario.

Here's my take on it. *le shrug*

Waaay more of a fan artist and I don't upload often, but this was fun to do.