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Hi there, my name is Helios! I'm an young self-taught artist, writer, and plushie maker logging my adventures in life here! I hope you enjoy my blogs and may you have a good day or night! | 22 | Trans Male | He/Him

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💕 Personal Updates: March 22, 2021 💕

🎈 Hello, everyone. I've decided to start doing small update text posts to act as like a journal of sorts and to update you all on stuff I've been doing, like the update journals I do on Deviantart.


🎈 As some of you know, I recently put in a couple of orders for some custom plushies of two of my OCs. Specifically, Daisy and a Bloompuff version of my boy Brine. I'm waiting for my MYO ticket to get my Bloompuff Brine approved, but I'm very excited to get that ticket! Once I get it and get Brine approved, I'll be adding his Bloompuff version to my Minecraft blog.

🎈 I'm also gonna be starting up some comics about my toys and dolls with my last blog slot. I'm going to start them up around the end of May/beginning of June, because that's around the time the team making my plushies has estimated they'll be shipped out at. And I want to wait until Brine and Daisy are home. I've been doing some small concept sketches, I'll probably grab my URL soon and post those sketches whenever I can.

🎈 As for life, I'm going to be going to a birthday party for my fiancee this upcoming Saturday, and I'm so excited! This will be the first time I've seen them in person for a few months (because of the pandemic and both of us wanting to be safe), so I'm so elated to be able to see them for the first time in a while. I love them dearly and already have a couple of birthday gifts for them!

🎈 I'm also working on taking care of myself mentally, and I think I'm getting better. That's why I've been so distant lately, but I'm getting better.


🎈 I think that's all I have for today, my friends. Thank you for reading if you have. I hope you have a good day or night and please take care of yourselves!