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The Toy Adventures: Page 1

[Hello, everyone! I'm Helios and this is a comic blog for some comics I'm making about some of my dolls, plushies, and action figures! I'm very excited to get this comic off the ground for you all!

Anyways, we're gonna start with the first page!

The concept behind this comics is the living toys concept the Toy Story movies use, and it was also inspired by a book series I read as a child called, "The Doll People."

Some toys and plushies featured include characters from Adventure Time, Apex Legends, Overwatch, Bendy, and a few more! Others are generic plushies.

I hope you all will enjoy and feel free to send questions about the toys or to them!]


So, remember how I said I'd start making comics about my toys?

Well, I've decided to start the comics!

Feel free the ask questions and feel free to check out the blog!

I'll try to update every Friday!