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Hi there, my name is Helios! I'm an young self-taught artist, writer, and plushie maker logging my adventures in life here! I hope you enjoy my blogs and may you have a good day or night! | 22 | Trans Male | He/Him

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kvistwig asked:

hopefully you can see all these- 🪄🪅🪁 (if any are boxes— magician's wand, piñata, and kite)

Thank you for the emojis, Twig!

Next up to the stage, Polly "Polaroid" Harriam! Polly is a fairy who never had any kind of magic or powers they were born with. So they took to learning magic tricks and how to harness spells with their wand! They're known for the pure drama and brute strength of their shows, some putting them in line with famous magicians from others worlds, like Harry Houdini! They're also known for their lovely colors in fashion, and their wings that, when put together, carry the shape of a kite!

Thanks again, Twig! This one was really fun!