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Hello there! The name's Helios! I'm a young self taught artist logging my adventures in life! I hope you enjoy my stuff and have a nice day! | 21 | Trans Male | He/Him/His

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I'll never get tired of drawing Drea in this outfit! It's my favorite!

Chibi commissions are open!

Older art, but I still like it. Pokemon Gijinka characters of mine, Galaea (Mega Gardevoir), Queen of the Fairy Kingdom, and her wife, Utena (Sylveon), the Captain of the Royal Guard. Utena is also trans.

Updated this to have the new lesbian flag created by diabolicdyke on twitter!

My Concubus OC, Saga, in their feminine form! They/them. This is a piece from November 2019 but I still really like it.

not quite done yet, but i made a height chart :D

from left to right: odette, essie, bee, pipi, samika, amitie

im a little unsure about amitie's color palette cuz yellow looks rly good on her too. but it'd look weird against everyone else's colors

slepy -

i decided to redraw an april 2018 art of my oc seren, who looked more angsty than she does now but :3c y'know... happy!! also she's a very sleepy angel

In Drea's story, she does end up with 3 kids when she gets older. Of course I had to draw her older with Mom™ energy lol

This just in: Local mom ready to throw hands at PTA meeting

"Your lemon bars are shit and everyone knows it, Karen"

Commission info!

Ama Character Sheet

The seasonal and wedding designs for Ama, one of the marriage candidates in Ad Mire!

Her wedding dress is a thobe. The design wasn't taken exactly from any one thobe in particular, I looked at several different ones and made a design based on some common patterns between several styles!

Ok I need to stop forgetting to post stuff!

Here's some OCs I made

because I was thinking about the autism/robot connection and wanted to play around with it ^^

Mary is the girl with dark hair, and the light haired one is Izzie who is also a triplet (her sisters names are Gracie and Gemma)

Izzie and her sisters are androids created to study how social groups affect personality

I don't have a whole lot about them yet but maybe I'll play around with them in the future

some stuff:

Mary- mostly nonverbal/semiverbal, Izzie is her favorite person, doesn't like loud noises

Izzie- a bit outgoing, doesn't understand human social structures, very good AI but can get overloaded sometimes, considers Mary in a similar way to a SO

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my overwatch oc? over 50 years old. that means i'm shipping him with sigma ( and maybe reinhardt one day, too )

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and here's nic again a good grandpa

kinghelios33 -

Oooo, he's really cool!!!

*I forgot about this site tbhh *But uh *Quickly posting a redesign of an old gem oc uwu *Grape Garnet! *Her gem is on her back.

remade a ref of tigress for myself since the old one was, how you say... bad.