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Time ago

Mmmm headcanons... of the Minecraft variety

1) Steve and Alex's eyesight in the dark, although they're not completely capable of night vision, is still way better compared to a regular human's IRL. Although still dark and hard to make out details, they can still see in what would otherwise be pitch-black caves.

1a) Herobrine just has straight up night vision. It helps when your eyes are flashlights.

2) Steve shaves with an axe, and began to shave around the time he still made axes double-bladed (this is part of what convinced them to change the recipe to single-bladed). Alex pointed out they can use shears instead, but it's just what they're used to at this point.

3) Why shave? Steve kind of associates the beard with whatever his old life was, as he first woke up with the beard. The first few times he shaved were a means of accepting his new life. Now it's kinda just habit.

3a) Of course, he doesn't really have any memories of the Old World or what he was even like as a person, but the what-ifs still give him pause at times.

3b) Alex sometimes convinces Steve to grow it out. They always eventually start to shave it again, though.

4) Alex sometimes calls Steve "Stevie."

5) Herobrine likes the glow and particles of redstone. In fact, they actually have the ability to activate redstone through mere presence (though only to a power of two), which they take advantage of to watch the powered dust.

6) Steve will be trying to figure something out redstone-wise and Alex will come by and start trying to advise him while speaking in redstone jargon.

6a) Steve: "What's a quasi-connectivity? Alex, you're scaring me."