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Posts tagged new horizons:

Snowy Sitting Days

❄️ I took these shortly before New Year's last year and these are just some cute little shots I got of my island resident sitting around. :D

Snowy Setson Island

🌨️ Some pictures I took last year of the snowy landscape of my island. I think these came out nice!

Out on the Rocks

🏝️ I really thought this one was cute with my matching colors. Just chilling on the rocks.

The Mage of Setson

🎃 I took this picture when my Halloween outfit was going to be witch. I have a different costume now, but I really like how this came out!

Cool as a Cucumber

💚 A little green outfit I threw together in New Horizons. I like how it came out.

Another Day in the Diner

🍲 Another picture in the diner. I really loved my outfit in this one.

The Household Diner

🍽️ One of the smaller rooms in my house in New Horizons is a diner I made. I think it's really cute and I love it so much. I really worked hard getting everything for it.

Red in the Night

🍎 Here's one of me with my little red outfit. I sometimes dress in matching colors.

Café on the Beach

☕ I've got a few New Horizons pictures to upload today. :3

☕ Here's one of my little beach-side cafe.

Mercy's Day in New Horizons

😇 I'm fictionkin with Mercy from Overwatch (I'm okay with doubles and love meeting fellow fictionkin and otherkin!) and have really been feeling like my kin lately. So I changed up my style and made a Mercy inspired dress in New Horizons today.

😇 I really like how these came out, I worked hard on that dress and adore it.

😇 I may make an outfit and pictures for a ACNH Wattson from Apex Legends as well. I'm also kin with her.

😇 As a note! I will never reblog fanart and tag it with kin tags! I don't do that since I don't want to disrespect artists. And any kin talk or content I do will be tagged as "helios' kin stuff."

First Fireworks Show

🎆 These were some of the pictures I took from the first fireworks show I attended in New Horizons. I kept getting busy ever Sunday and missing every show until recently.

🎆 I had so much fun with these!

Even More New Horizons Photos

These two were after I got my second floor of my house and before the first fireworks show I exprienced in New Horizons. :D

More Photos

I wanted to post some more! The first picture is a pretty spot in my town, the second one is really special because I let my great-grandma pick out my outfit. 🥰

Random New Horizons Photos

I'm having lots of fun with New Horizons since I finally got the Island Designer app and have been prettying up my island. I took these at the beginning of the month and really love my looks from these. 🥰🥰🥰

I'm gonna post some more NH pictures here soon. I have some with a new custom design I made as well.

💕 I'mpretty far into ACNH at this point, so I don't think I'm gonna continue with my ACNH diary. Rather, I'm gonna draw and post screenshots from it. I've taken some really pretty ones!

💕 I took this one in my small bedroom. And yes, I bought the wedding ring for almost 70,000 bells because I love my fiancee. 💕💕💕