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Hello there! The name's Helios! I'm a young self taught artist logging my adventures in life! I hope you enjoy my stuff and have a nice day! | 21 | Trans Male | He/Him/His

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Bee and Helios!


A little gift for my friend, Bee! Star is an amazing person, always has such nice words and cool posts, and stars been such a supportive person with my Minecraft blog! Star deserves everything star wants and I wanted to draw star something! So here's myself and Bee!

I hope you like it, Bee! You're an awesome star and I always love talking with you and seeing you on my dashboard! <3 I figured I'd draw you a little something after everything that's been going on, to cheer both of us up!

(Bee goes by star/stars pronouns!)

[Personal] The King's Colors

Made myself a new profile picture! I was due for something new. :D

High Society Combat

Loba: "I recently had a match with a lovely lady named Tiara. She's definitely got an eye for spotting gunfire, and she's quite the shot. I think she and I are going to make a good team."


[I wanted to try and new style for lines and backgrounds, so here's a piece featuring Loba and my Apex OC, Tiara! :D]

kinghelios33 -

Another piece from my Apex Legends AU blog, featuring Loba and my OC, Tiara!

Chat the Day Away

Bloodhound: "Do you think everyone will like the stew, Ajay?"

Lifeline: "Of course, Bloth! With us cooking, it's sure ta be a great one!"


[I haven't posted on this blog for a bit, but I had a couple of good Apex rounds today and was in the mood to post some Apex stuff. So here's Lifeline and my Bloodhound face headcanon! They're making dinner and dessert for everyone!

I like to think that Lifeline and Bloodhound are really good friends, and that's how it is in my AU on this blog.]

kinghelios33 -

I don't know how many people are into Apex Legends here, but I have an Apex AU blog and this was the first piece I had done for it in like a month. I really like how it came out. :3

[Teaser] Coming Soon...

Coming in February 2021...


Hi there! I'm Helios and this blog will soon be the home to my main fancomic, my Minecraft comic whose story I've been working on for several years now! This comic is the basis of the story behind my Minecraft OC Ask Blog, and I'm so excited to bring this to you all! This story is my pride and joy!

I hope you'll stick around, everyone!

kinghelios33 -

So, I'm revamping my Minecraft comic... :3c

Emojinomies Standard Traits Sheet

So, I have a species called Phenomies. They're humanoids with appearances and powers based on natural phenomena and structures in nature. You can see their traits and read about them a bit here and here!

So, I decided to make a subspecies of Phenomies! However, these one center around... emojis! I needed a place to put their traits sheet so I can link the image on Toyhouse, so here it is!

Emojinomies have powers based on their emojis that float around them and in the glass by their tails. They also have beautifully decorated bodies, tail glass shapes that follow them, lightning tails, winged ears, and wings! These are their standard traits and I may make mutations and godly traits that are rarer than these in the future!

[Arc 1 | Part 1] Unwell

Celina looks at Brine with worry, feeling her brows furrowing.

Celina: "Brine, lean on me, okay? I know you're not feeling very strong right now."

Brine nodded, putting his weight against his wife to support himself.

Brine: "I... I hope this goes away soon. I feel horrible."

Celina: "I know, Brine. I'll help you get better, okay?"


[Hi, guys! As you could see in my previous posts, I'm using Minecraft screenshots for backgrounds! I think this is working out pretty well.

Anyways, we're gonna start our first little event/arc! :D Feel free to interact as we get further! Even if you don't have any OCs, you can send asks!]

kinghelios33 -

I'm starting my first little arc over on my Minecraft blog! Looks like Brine isn't feeling too well! :0

A Big World Out There

[I had said it over on my main blog here that I've been struggling a lot with backgrounds as of late in my Minecraft art. I had seen an old friend of mine do this, but I've decided to use Minecraft screenshots I take as backgrounds! :D

Here's something I did of Celina, Steve, and Brine as a test for it!

I wonder what Celina's talking about? :0c]

kinghelios33 -

Here's what I did after I got a couple of replies to my musing earlier! I think it actually looks really nice!

[Knack AU] The Other Relics

I decided to work more on the Knack AU I have, where Dr. Vargas makes more living relics like Knack so he doesn't get lonely or have to wonder if there's others out there like him.

So here's Knick, Knock, Knit, Knight, Knox, and Knowles! Feel free to send asks about them if you want to know more!

kinghelios33 -

So, I've been posting some stuff based on the Playstation 4 game Knack over on my new art blog. I wanted to share it here.

If you'd like an idea of what the games are like, here's the trailers for the two games in the series!

Knack I Trailer

Knack II Trailer

The Poetic Life Miniature House

🏡 I spent three days working on this cute miniature thing I got off of Amazon.

🏡 It's from a company called CuteBee and this one is called, "Poetic Life." It took a while, but it's very cute and I like it.

The Abandoned Mansion

[We had a new set of prompts in the Aermerea Discord, and I decided to go with the "Haunted House" prompt and put my own Minecraft twist on it!

Michael and Marcel decide to check out an "abandoned" Woodland Mansion. ;D]

kinghelios33 -

I wanted to reblog this comic I did over on my Minecraft OC blog, because I'm laughing so hard at it and I love it so much!

[Overwatch] Best Listener

I figured I would start posting my non Minecraft or Apex Legends art here so I can get it out there a bit more. I have blogs for my Minecraft and Apex stuff, so I'll post other art I do here. 💕💕💕

I wanted to draw something cute with Sombra and Symmetra, so here's a doodle I did. Symmetra and Sombra are engaged in the AU I have, so Satya often airs out her frustrations to Olivia. They're a good couple. 💙💜💙💜💙💜

Sassy Fashionista

A little thing drew for a Draw to Adopt in the Aermerea Toyhouse group. :D

She's so pretty, I love her so much, hhhhhhhhh.

[Fortnite] Iris Doodles

I got Fortnite for my Switch, and this is my current skin. She's really cute and I like her a lot.

[Star Wars] Rey Skywalker

I watched Rise of Skywalker about a week ago with my dad, and man, what a great way to end the story.

As someone who has loved Star Wars for a long time, since I was a kid, it's very near and dear to my heart. I love Star Wars so much and seeing the saga come to an end... it's something I cried over, but am so happy for.

The very ending with Rey taking the Skywalker name... it made my heart so happy.

So here's a screenshot redraw! :D

Phenomies Traits Sheets

I'm working on a Toyhouse world for my closed species, Phenomies, and I figured I'd upload the traits sheets here!

What is a Phenomie, you may ask?

Simply put, Phenomies are humanoids who have powers and appearances centered around natural structures and phenomena in nature. These beings are mostly often recognized by the structure/phenomena they are based on floating around their body in small particles or smaller versions of their structures. They also have beautifully decorated bodies, tail glass shapes that follow them, animal tails, various ears, and wings! They were created by the goddess of Landala, a beautiful genderfluid being named Makoni. She created these beings to help protect the beauty of the land created by her. She saw how people were beginning to destroy the land in slow steps, but knew over time, that destruction would add up. So, she decided to create guardians with powers to restore these structures and phenomena should something happen to them. Now, they are beginning to spread to other worlds and are working to save nature in peril in their worlds.

If you'd like to find out more about them or see exmaples of ones, you can check out the (WIP) Toyhouse world here!

Casey and Ingrid

A little gift for canofgaycubes over on Tumblr! I found them through their story, “We Are The Daylight” on Archive of Our Own and I have to say, their writing is so fantastic!

Anyways, I wanted to draw Casey for them, because xe seems like a really cool person!

Also, I wanted to draw xem with my Blaze humanoid, Ingrid, who also goes by xe/xem pronouns! A lot of the other Blazes try to make xem feel bad about being non-binary, but I feel like Casey would reassure xem that xir pronouns are valid!


Ingrid's Toyhouse


Mushroom Stew

Another drawing done for the Aermerea prompts!

Laila teaching Sunny Day and Muffin how to make Mushroom Stew!


Laila's Toyhouse
Sunny Day's Toyhouse
Muffin's Toyhouse


Sunny Day is a Bloompuff-Phenomies Crossbreed, Muffin is an AmoraPuff. Bloompuffs are a closed species by my friends KizunaYui and HunniBunnii. Amorapuffs are a closed species by KizunaYui. Phenomies are a closed species by me.

Flower Crown Day

Did a couple of pictures for the prompts in Aermerea this month! :D

Here's the first one! Brine and Jewelavyn teaching Marianne how to make a flower crown!


Brine's Toyhouse
Marianne's Toyhouse
Jewelavyn's Toyhouse


Marianne is an Amorapuff. Amorapuffs are a closed species by my friend KizunaYui.

My Little Garden

For the monthly prompt for the group on dA of the Drop-Zillas! Lillian has her own little garden of poppies and takes good care of them! She's very much of a flower person!


Lillian's Toyhouse


Lillian is a Drop-Zilla, a closed species by my friend Myiabi.

Expression Practice Sketches | Part 2

Some more sketches I did before going back to traditional. :D


Pepper's Toyhouse
Chai's Toyhouse
Aurora's Toyhouse
Cascade's Toyhouse
Izzie's Toyhouse
Jewelavyn's Toyhouse
Odette's Toyhouse


Pepper is a Plushlet, Aurora is a FlutterBow, Chai and Cascade are AmoraPuffs, Izzie is a BloomPuff, and Odette is a BloomPuff-Animate Doll crossbreed.

Plushlets are a closed species by Makkuriri. AmoraPuffs are a closed species by KizunaYui BloomPuffs are a closed species by KizunaYui and HunniBunnii. Animate Dolls are a closed species by ixeretton. FlutterBows are a closed species by me.

Expression Practice Sketches | Part 1

Before I decided to go back to traditional, I tested out a sketch brush from Procreate and made some small doodles of my babies.


Brine's Toyhouse
Celina's Toyhouse
Natlene's Toyhouse
Viridia's Toyhouse
Issac's Toyhouse
Yarlene's Toyhouse


Natlene is a BloomPuff, Viridia, Issac, and Yarlene are AmoraPuffs.

BloomPuffs are a closed species by my friends KizunaYui and HunniBunnii. AmoraPuffs are a closed species by my friend KizunaYui.

Did You See That?

Had this in my WIPs for a while and decided to finish it!

Athena and Matilda often go out mining and exploring together. However, it seems like something is always watching them...


Athena's Toyhouse
Matilda's Toyhouse


Athena is a Bloompuff, Matilda is an Amorapuff.

Both species were made by my friends KizunaYui-Studios and HunniBunnii.

Come Mine With Me

🍰 "Are you sure about this, Steve? I never had to do anything similar to this back in Aermerea, and I don't have a great knowledge of mining."

🍔 "Don't worry, Marianne! I've been mining for almost my whole life! I'll teach you everything you need to know! Just follow my lead and we'll be finding diamonds in no time!"


With everyone who's never lived in Minecraftia being pretty much clueless about it, my Creaturae server babies have to teach them the ways. And looks like Steve and Marianne are gonna go on a mining trip!


Steve's Toyhouse
Marianne's Toyhouse


Marianne is an AmoraPuff, a species created by my friend KizunaYui-Studios.