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Hello there! The name's Helios! I'm a young self taught artist logging my adventures in life! I hope you enjoy my stuff and have a nice day! | 21 | Trans Male | He/Him/His

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Worm Confetti

[ID: Multiple worms on strings, surrounded by shapes of many colours. /End ID]

Another shameless self promo

beefox -

Cringetober Day 3: 2000s Alt Fashion

bee very happy with body proportions! is not best but still best bee done!

does this outfit make any sense? no. does it look cool? yes. that's all that matters thanks for coming to my tedtalk

Happy Birthday Lowell!

[ID: Lowell, floating in a spaceship, surrounded by birthday gifts and cake. A blue planet makes the backdrop of the video call he's in. /End ID]

Full-Body February: Day 07

I'll be honest. I saw the reference pose for this and loved it. And then I started drawing it out and HATED IT. I almost gave up. I wanted to do something different with her face, but I couldn't get it how I wanted it.

I actually almost started it over, went looking for a new pose and then looked again at the ref I had found in SenshiStock's gallery and was like, "Nah, I'm gonna do this again."

I'm glad I went back and did it again. This turned out pretty good.

This is one of my ABSOLUTELY favorite OCs. Her name is Jane Doe, she's an undead private-eye and psychic medium who was given the chance to go back to the living to find her killer. She's a really fun character and belongs to the same world as the character from day 5. There will be more characters from that same world.

Doe is such a fun character. I love her bunches.