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[Knack AU] A Rare Sight

"Knight tends to be the one who's unsure of new adventures and take caution with everything. They have a lot of self-esteem issues, so to see them smile is a rare sight. But it's also a welcome sight."

-Doctor Vargas and his observations of Knight


I did this last night before bed. If you don't know about Knight or my AU for the Knack games, you can check out the post below!

Meet the Relics!

But yeah, Knight is a relic who tends to be down on themself, but it's because they tend to put others before themself. They're very smart and tend to be curious about everything.

They're a sweetie, but they have a hard time believing in themself.


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[Knack AU] Meet the Relics + Headcanons!

So, some of you who have followed me long enough know about two games for the PS4 called Knack and Knack II! For those of you who don't know about it, you can watch the trailers with these links!

Knack Trailer | Knack II Trailer

So, for any of you who may know of these games, they may know of a certain line from Knack, the main character, at the end of the second game. That line inspired me to create my own Knack AU where there are multiple relics like Knack himself! I'm writing a fanfic for it as well, and I may post that here too!

I love all these little relics and have so many plans for them!

For reference, here's knack from the games:

Also, I headcanon Knack as bisexual.