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Hello there! The name's Helios! I'm a young self taught artist logging my adventures in life! I hope you enjoy my stuff and have a nice day! | 21 | Trans Male | He/Him/His

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Snowy Sitting Days

❄️ I took these shortly before New Year's last year and these are just some cute little shots I got of my island resident sitting around. :D

Bee and Helios!


A little gift for my friend, Bee! Star is an amazing person, always has such nice words and cool posts, and stars been such a supportive person with my Minecraft blog! Star deserves everything star wants and I wanted to draw star something! So here's myself and Bee!

I hope you like it, Bee! You're an awesome star and I always love talking with you and seeing you on my dashboard! <3 I figured I'd draw you a little something after everything that's been going on, to cheer both of us up!

(Bee goes by star/stars pronouns!)

Snowy Setson Island

🌨️ Some pictures I took last year of the snowy landscape of my island. I think these came out nice!

[Personal] The King's Colors

Made myself a new profile picture! I was due for something new. :D

High Society Combat

Loba: "I recently had a match with a lovely lady named Tiara. She's definitely got an eye for spotting gunfire, and she's quite the shot. I think she and I are going to make a good team."


[I wanted to try and new style for lines and backgrounds, so here's a piece featuring Loba and my Apex OC, Tiara! :D]

kinghelios33 -

Another piece from my Apex Legends AU blog, featuring Loba and my OC, Tiara!

Chat the Day Away

Bloodhound: "Do you think everyone will like the stew, Ajay?"

Lifeline: "Of course, Bloth! With us cooking, it's sure ta be a great one!"


[I haven't posted on this blog for a bit, but I had a couple of good Apex rounds today and was in the mood to post some Apex stuff. So here's Lifeline and my Bloodhound face headcanon! They're making dinner and dessert for everyone!

I like to think that Lifeline and Bloodhound are really good friends, and that's how it is in my AU on this blog.]

kinghelios33 -

I don't know how many people are into Apex Legends here, but I have an Apex AU blog and this was the first piece I had done for it in like a month. I really like how it came out. :3

[Teaser] Coming Soon...

Coming in February 2021...


Hi there! I'm Helios and this blog will soon be the home to my main fancomic, my Minecraft comic whose story I've been working on for several years now! This comic is the basis of the story behind my Minecraft OC Ask Blog, and I'm so excited to bring this to you all! This story is my pride and joy!

I hope you'll stick around, everyone!

kinghelios33 -

So, I'm revamping my Minecraft comic... :3c

Emojinomies Standard Traits Sheet

So, I have a species called Phenomies. They're humanoids with appearances and powers based on natural phenomena and structures in nature. You can see their traits and read about them a bit here and here!

So, I decided to make a subspecies of Phenomies! However, these one center around... emojis! I needed a place to put their traits sheet so I can link the image on Toyhouse, so here it is!

Emojinomies have powers based on their emojis that float around them and in the glass by their tails. They also have beautifully decorated bodies, tail glass shapes that follow them, lightning tails, winged ears, and wings! These are their standard traits and I may make mutations and godly traits that are rarer than these in the future!

Can I Just Take A Moment to Talk About How Much I Love Brine?

🧑 It's late at night and I'm gonna take some time here to talk about how much I love my boy Brine here:

🧑 I'm gonna ramble about him under the cut. Feel free to read!

🧑 Brine started out as a very cold person, stern and only showed his soft side to those he was close to, which, when I first made him, was very few people. He was very closed off from meeting new people, wanting them to prove their trust to him first. He was such a cold person and he only wanted to protect Celina and Steve considering all they had done for him.

🧑 Now, look at him. He's sweet. He's loving. He has tons of friends. He actually goes out and instead of hurting people and haunting and killing, he helps right wrongs the world over and protects innocents. He sometimes even helps people reform if they can. He's got the sense of morals of a storybook hero.

🧑 To me, Brine isn't just my version of Herobrine. He's so much more than that. He's my creation, my love, my boy, the one character that I wish could be a real person. My fiancee has told me that if we were in a polyamorous relationship, Brine would be the only one we'd be in a relationship with.

🧑 I love Brine so dearly. He's always been there to talk to and to be my muse when I truly needed him. I've had him for over nine years now and I love him so dearly. He's my boy, the one character who I love almost as much as I love my fiancee. He's been there for me when I needed him.

🧑 When I truly needed comfort in all the shitty times in the past few years, he's been there. He's been my muse for drawing, for writing, and he's changed and grown so much. He's matured and I love him so much.

🧑He loves pumpkin pie. His favorite color is orange. He has a little scar on his cheek. He's afraid of water. He loves stickers and emojis. He LOVES pizza. He has a collection of little terracotta blocks.

🧑 Brine has been through so much. He lost his first love, his first children, everything he had because one person got jealous of his happiness. And it took him 80,000 years to find ture happiness again. He found it in the first human to be kind to him in thousands of years, Celina. He found true happiness with her.

🧑This boy is my character and yet I'm still fnding things out about his everyday. I love him so much, I've spent so much time on him and I even made a plushie of him to have the closest thing I could to him being real. I love him to death. I love Brine. He's a big part of me because he's helped me get through so much shit.

🧑 I'm crying as I write this, I love Brine so much. Just like my fiancee, he's always been there for me and I love him just as much as I love them. He's wonderful and I will always love Brine. He's helped me so much. I love him and I wish he could be real. I love him so much. He's means so much to me.

Brine and Daisy Plushies

I don't think I ever posted this here, but I decided to make a new plushie to keep Brine company about two weeks ago. She's based off of my character, Daisy, who's basically mine and my fiancee's daughter. I made her because she and Brine mean a lot to me and I love them both dearly.

She came out so good, I love her and Brine so much. I cry when I hold them sometimes because of how much I love them!!!!

[Knack AU] The Other Relics

I decided to work more on the Knack AU I have, where Dr. Vargas makes more living relics like Knack so he doesn't get lonely or have to wonder if there's others out there like him.

So here's Knick, Knock, Knit, Knight, Knox, and Knowles! Feel free to send asks about them if you want to know more!

kinghelios33 -

So, I've been posting some stuff based on the Playstation 4 game Knack over on my new art blog. I wanted to share it here.

If you'd like an idea of what the games are like, here's the trailers for the two games in the series!

Knack I Trailer

Knack II Trailer

Commissions Open!

This post is for my commission prices! If you would like to commission me, contact me via ask and I can give you my email to talk! If you have me as a friend on Discord, you can also contact me there!


Flat Color-$20

A clean lined drawing with flat colors and a patterned background. Shading can be added for $5. Background can be upgraded to a simple or complex scene for $7 or $10.




A simple 600x600 picture done as a colored sketch with a white background.




A simple 600x600 drawing done with my lineart or flat color style with any background. Fits well as an icon/profile picture on most social media.




A chibi of a character done on a 600x600 canvas. Also makes for good icons or profile pictures.



Bouncy Pixels-$3

A bouncing character pixel on a 50x50 canvas. Uusally only bounces, but extra animations such as hair, earrings, tails, etc. can be added at no charge.




πŸ’• Shading can be added to flat colors for $5.

πŸ’• Extras characters are $7 each.

πŸ’• Adding an animal or pet is $3.


Will and Won't Draw

Will Draw

βœ”οΈ OCs
βœ”οΈ Fan Characters
βœ”οΈ Canon x OC
βœ”οΈ Humanoid Closed Species
βœ”οΈ Animals (Will do my best)
βœ”οΈ Furries/Anthros (Again, will do my best)
βœ”οΈ Ships/Friendships
βœ”οΈ Simple Mechas

Won't Draw

❌ Fetishes
❌ Fandom Stuff Without a Fan Character (I'm not going to make money off of other people's characters.)
❌ Ferals/Freal Closed Species
❌ Hate Art
❌ Minors in Relationships with Adults
❌ Extreme Gore
❌ Complex Mechas
❌ Abuse
❌ MLP Style Ponies
❌ Anything that makes me uncomfortable or is against my morals


Important Notes

πŸ’• Please make sure you read what I will and will not draw, as I will stand by these.
πŸ’• I have the right to deny a commission to someone if they have a history of trying to commission artists to draw any of my Won't Draw subjects. I also have the right to turn down a commissioner if they make me uncomfortable or have a history of art theft.
πŸ’• I will send you updates in the form of an initial sketch and, depending on the commission, the lineart. Please tell me at one of those stages if you want anything changed!
πŸ’• Please provide clear reference sheets of OCs/Fan Characters! No tiny pixel art or deep friend JPEGs.
πŸ’• I take payment through PayPal. Once your commission is finished, I can send you my PayPal email, or send you an invoice, depending on preference. If you mark the payment as "Goods and Services," make sure you put that there is no address needed for delivery. This is so they know that it's a digital good and I don't get in trouble for not sending you anything.
πŸ’• Please wait to pay until I get your commission done to pay me. This is so you can keep your money in case I don't get your commission finished.
πŸ’• I can do my Minecraft style or my non-blocky style. Please specify which you would like on your commission.
πŸ’• Once I've finished your commission, feel free to use it for anything except commercial use! Please do not remove my signature! And please link back to one of my social medias.
πŸ’• Do not rush me. I try to get everything done in a timely manner and as fast as I can, but I do work a full time job. I will try to get your commission done on my days off or when I'm not working.

πŸ’• πŸ’• πŸ’•

If you're interested in commissioning me, feel free to send me an ask and I can chat with you via email!

supermario asked:

Thank you so much for the kind words on my writing!!

You're welcome, Math! πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’• You've got a real talent for writing, your details were awesome! :D

Out on the Rocks

🏝️ I really thought this one was cute with my matching colors. Just chilling on the rocks.

The Mage of Setson

πŸŽƒ I took this picture when my Halloween outfit was going to be witch. I have a different costume now, but I really like how this came out!

Cool as a Cucumber

πŸ’š A little green outfit I threw together in New Horizons. I like how it came out.

Another Day in the Diner

🍲 Another picture in the diner. I really loved my outfit in this one.

The Poetic Life Miniature House

🏑 I spent three days working on this cute miniature thing I got off of Amazon.

🏑 It's from a company called CuteBee and this one is called, "Poetic Life." It took a while, but it's very cute and I like it.

The Household Diner

🍽️ One of the smaller rooms in my house in New Horizons is a diner I made. I think it's really cute and I love it so much. I really worked hard getting everything for it.

Red in the Night

🍎 Here's one of me with my little red outfit. I sometimes dress in matching colors.

CafΓ© on the Beach

β˜• I've got a few New Horizons pictures to upload today. :3

β˜• Here's one of my little beach-side cafe.

Meet Brine the Plushie-2.0

🧡 I finished him a couple days ago, but remember how I said I was looking to get a custom plushie of Brine made?

🧡 Well, I've made plushies before, so you know what? If a big company can do, I figured that so can I!

🧡 So, meet my second version of my Brine plushie! My first one was much smaller and didn't look so much like him. So, this time, I made him bigger and made patterns and clothes for him!

🧡 Guys, I'm so proud of him, and I love him so much. ;w; He fits in some doll clothes I bought and I even got him a halloween costume! I've also made a blog for him! I just love him so much, he's adorable and looks so much like Brine.

🧡 I love himmmmmmmmm!!!

Photo Shoot Time with Mercy-Part 2

🩺 And here's the second part of the silly Mercy photo shoot! These ones were a lot more silly ones! Also, I LOVE the serious face you can swap on Mercy. Makes for some really silly pictures. XD

Photo Shoot Time with Mercy-Part 1

🩺 A while back, I did this silly photo shoot with my D.Va Figma. So, I decided to do another one with my Mercy Figma yesterday!

🩺 I'll also be doing one with any new Figmas I get, as I'm currently expecting and Tracer and a Widowmaker next week that I ordered!

🩺 I love my Mercy Figma so much. ;-; She's adorable. She lives in my dollhouse with my other Overwatch figures and my paper dolls.

🩺 This is Part 1!