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📚 Are there any of you who used to read Minecraft fanfics on

📚 If so, did any of you ever read a Minecraft fanfic called... "Hero's Bane?"

📚 Okay, I'm gonna put this below a read more, but let me tell you a little about my history of Minecraft fanfics, comics, this story, and my friend who wrote it:

📚 Okay, so, when I first got into Minecraft in 2012, I had a Minecraft comic, originally called, "The Real Herobrine." Uncreative name, I know, but it was my pride and joy. It's where the story for my Minecraft blog takes place from and continues from. It was about my Minecraft character, Celina, and my version of Steve (who you may know as my character, Steve) made friends with my Herobrine version, a.k.a., Brine.

📚 I eventually started writing my comic in a fanfic form as well and ended up publishing it on FanFiction. I found lots of friends, met wonderful people, through FanFiction! Well, I also ended up finding Tumblr and making my first Minecraft blog through this site after seeing someone who made a blog to continue from their Minecraft stories.

📚 Well, I eventually saw that this friend who introduced me to Tumblr, Archer, had faved a story called, "Hero's Bane." It was by a user who went by BlackDragon41, but I ended up calling her BD for short. At the time I found her story, it was 41 chapters long! I was baffled, but it had so many favorites and follows, I wanted to see what it was about:

📚 Steve had arrived in a valley that was fabled to be one of the richest places to mine in all of Minecraftia. He needed to find something to help his mother and sister keep their house. However, when he goes to a village just outside the valley, he discovers that Herobrine is, in fact, real, and has been keeping these people in fear for their lives. Steve didn't believe it at first, but after decided to journey into the valley, he finds out the hard way that not all legends are made up.

📚 Steve finds someone who comes a visits the valley, and through this guy's knowledge, he finds out Herobrine might not have always been a villain. He ends up seeing Herobrine's memories and discovering the real truth behind why he became a terror and ends up wanting to help Herobrine and save him from himself.

📚 It was so well written, verbose, with amazing characterization of Steve, Herobrine, and even this person's OCs were wonderfully written! This story made me smile, cry, made me angry, and it brought out so many emotions in me.

📚 So, after reading all 41 chapters over a week, I messaged the author, shyly asking if she'd like to read my story. She was super nice, and she read the few chapters I had, leaving nice reviews and messaging me from time to time.

📚 I even ended up writing a couple of stories for her! And she and I tried to write a story together when I won a little raffle of hers. It's only one chapter, it was going to be two, but since I wasn't far enough in my own story, she couldn't do the next chapter without spoilers from me, and she wanted to wait.

📚 As a few years passed, BD updated the story more, I left reviews on every chapter.

📚 But... as luck would have it, all good things come to an end.

📚 One day, after some personal things happened, she... stopped updating and basically left without a word. All her stories stopped, even Hero's Bane, at the 85th chapter.

📚 I messaged her a few months after she stopped, and she messaged back. BD said she was just very busy with her real life, but that she would always remember me and her stories.

📚 About a year after that message, I went through a year long phase where I took all my characters out of Minecraft and put them in my own original world, so as a result, I never finished my comic or my fanfic to go with it.

📚 When I came back to the Minecraft fandom, I messaged BD.

📚 ...She... never came back or messaged me back.

📚 Her stories sit there, collecting dust, but I still see people sometimes leave new reviews even though that last time she updated the story was in 2015.

📚 I cried when I realized BD wouldn't come back. I miss her still. I still go back and reread Hero's Bane. Because... to tell you the truth? I can't forget my biggest inspiration for so long. You never forget true friends, and I have never forgotten someone who inspired me in my writing and inspired me to tell such wonderful stories that I now share with you guys through my Minecraft blog.

📚 I miss her, but to be honest? I think she'd be proud of me never giving up.