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Hello there! The name's Helios! I'm a young self taught artist logging my adventures in life! I hope you enjoy my stuff and have a nice day! | 21 | Trans Male | He/Him/His

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Why does it have to be real? Why can't is just be a bad dream? Why can't I be happy again?

🖤 I kinda hate to vent, but I don't like it at all when people point out things I messed up in my drawings that no one else would notice. Especially since people who point out things like that in my art usually do so once I've already finished and can't go back and change it.

🖤 It just makes me feel something worse than secondhand embarrassment and my mom does it to me a lot and it just makes me not want to share my art sometimes.

🖤 Sorry to vent, but I needed to get that off my chest. I'll probably try to post something a little happier when I get home from work.