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Hello there! The name's Helios! I'm a young self taught artist logging my adventures in life! I hope you enjoy my stuff and have a nice day! | 21 | Trans Male | He/Him/His

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The Poetic Life Miniature House

🏡 I spent three days working on this cute miniature thing I got off of Amazon.

🏡 It's from a company called CuteBee and this one is called, "Poetic Life." It took a while, but it's very cute and I like it.

Meet Plushie Brine!

🔥 Some of you may already know who Brine is. For those who don't he's my most precious OC who I love dearly! If you want to read more about him, you can read his profile on his Toyhouse.

🔥 If I could make him real, I would, but the closest thing I can do to that?

🔥 A plushie!

🔥 So here he is! I sewed his body and hot glued his hair, eyes, and scar! I also made him big enough so he fits in Barbie clothes so I don't have to make clothes for him! :D

🔥 I love him so much!!! <3 <3 <3