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Hello there! The name's Helios! I'm a young self taught artist logging my adventures in life! I hope you enjoy my stuff and have a nice day! | 21 | Trans Male | He/Him/His

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Bee and Helios!


A little gift for my friend, Bee! Star is an amazing person, always has such nice words and cool posts, and stars been such a supportive person with my Minecraft blog! Star deserves everything star wants and I wanted to draw star something! So here's myself and Bee!

I hope you like it, Bee! You're an awesome star and I always love talking with you and seeing you on my dashboard! <3 I figured I'd draw you a little something after everything that's been going on, to cheer both of us up!

(Bee goes by star/stars pronouns!)

Villain Drea isn’t one I draw often, but I love her design!

Commissions are open!

This was posted 3 days early on my Patreon!

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beefox -

decide need new avatar and decide try out colour lines! think improve bee drawing lots


!!! finally Mame got a little update!
He is an Inu Hariko
brings luck!
and weirdly taller than he looks, i swear

like 175cm or someting
he appears tiny bc he looks like a toy

Galaxy Dreamer

Just seeing how this site works ... I'm new! Hi!

Can I Interest You In Some Fast Food?

[ID: A Magic 8-Ball drink, Star shaped fries, a heart shaped sandwich with an olive toothpick arrow, and a unicorn keychain. /End ID]

[Personal] The King's Colors

Made myself a new profile picture! I was due for something new. :D

High Society Combat

Loba: "I recently had a match with a lovely lady named Tiara. She's definitely got an eye for spotting gunfire, and she's quite the shot. I think she and I are going to make a good team."


[I wanted to try and new style for lines and backgrounds, so here's a piece featuring Loba and my Apex OC, Tiara! :D]

kinghelios33 -

Another piece from my Apex Legends AU blog, featuring Loba and my OC, Tiara!

Chat the Day Away

Bloodhound: "Do you think everyone will like the stew, Ajay?"

Lifeline: "Of course, Bloth! With us cooking, it's sure ta be a great one!"


[I haven't posted on this blog for a bit, but I had a couple of good Apex rounds today and was in the mood to post some Apex stuff. So here's Lifeline and my Bloodhound face headcanon! They're making dinner and dessert for everyone!

I like to think that Lifeline and Bloodhound are really good friends, and that's how it is in my AU on this blog.]

kinghelios33 -

I don't know how many people are into Apex Legends here, but I have an Apex AU blog and this was the first piece I had done for it in like a month. I really like how it came out. :3

someday when i find a better way to display them here, i'll post all of my huevember art on my blog!

Worm Confetti

[ID: Multiple worms on strings, surrounded by shapes of many colours. /End ID]

Another shameless self promo

A cheeb that was stuck as wip for a few months...but finally finished! Eyyyyy

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comfort object

hiii i haven't posted art here in. forever. but! i did this painting of my biggest comfort object, Bernie! i carry him around with me all the time lol

super proud of this and just wanted to share!

some background practice i did a while ago! i'm still pretty fond of it


"Do I look like––?!"

[Pic ID: Some fan art of Minecraft. An Enderman holding a carved pumpkin looks down to their side with curiousity, where a Snow Golem attempting to hold a block of snow looks up at them with admiration. End ID.]