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Hi there, my name is Helios! I'm an young self-taught artist, writer, and plushie maker logging my adventures in life here! I hope you enjoy my blogs and may you have a good day or night! | 22 | Trans Male | He/Him

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✨ Personal Updates: April 13th, 2021 ✨

🎀 Hello, guys. I have a new updates/journal post today. I've got some new stuff to talk about and am excited for some stuff. So I figured I'd write a new update today.


🎀 First off, I finally got myself a job interview! I quit my first job in August of last year, so I've been job hunting since then. And someone from my closest Party City actually called me and asked if we could do an interview! That's gonna be happening today and I'm very excited for it!

🎀 I've also been working on a lot of personal stuff and my art. I've been making paper dolls of all my Minecraft characters. I'll probably post pictures of them here since I have an Instagram for them and will be posting pictures of them there. I'll probably post them here too.

🎀 I've been doing some art, some writing, and working on a lot of drawing ideas I have. I've been meaning to write all my ideas down at some point to get them all down somewhere, I just need to figure out where.

🎀 With my interview coming up and being able to see my fiancee again (since I got my first vaccine), I've been feeling so much better about myself and feel like I can get more done now. I feel like things are looking up and I'm gonna get better.


🎀 That's all I have for now, everyone! I hope you all have a good day or night and please take care of yourselves! I love you all!