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Chat the Day Away

Bloodhound: "Do you think everyone will like the stew, Ajay?"

Lifeline: "Of course, Bloth! With us cooking, it's sure ta be a great one!"


[I haven't posted on this blog for a bit, but I had a couple of good Apex rounds today and was in the mood to post some Apex stuff. So here's Lifeline and my Bloodhound face headcanon! They're making dinner and dessert for everyone!

I like to think that Lifeline and Bloodhound are really good friends, and that's how it is in my AU on this blog.]

kinghelios33 -

I don't know how many people are into Apex Legends here, but I have an Apex AU blog and this was the first piece I had done for it in like a month. I really like how it came out. :3

Tonight's warm up! I just threw some color on the sketch cause I thought it'd look cute <3 I'm honestly gonna be obsessed with this skin forever. Cyberpunk Wattson is peak wife.

A birthday present for a friend of mine! It's Wattson and Caustic from Apex celebrating pride.

Apex Legends Pops!

I'm so happy! I ordered all the Apex Legends Funko Pops and I got them in the mail yesterday! They're so cute, I love them!