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✨ This might be an unpopular opinion, but I don't like it when people classify the original Herobrine as a Creepypasta.

✨ Sure, he seems scary and does things that might creep you out at first, but I don't think he was really meant to be "scary" in the way other Creepypastas are. I mean, most of the other fandom loved CPs are scary because they hurt people and sometimes do scary things, like Slenderman and Jeff.

✨ But Herobrine? If nothing else, he strikes me as curious and just wanting to interact with someone when all he had was himself to keep company. I think the only reason some people think of him as being mean and scary is because of things like the original Herobrine mod for one of the old versions of Minecraft.

✨ Sure, he seems scary, but I don't think he's really trying to purposely bring harm to people unless they try to hurt him first. Even then, I think it's self defense.

✨ Just judging from the original story and screenshot, and the fact that he's basically become kinda canon (The "Removed Herobrine" message), I don't really like when people classify him in the same vein as weird supernatural creatures and killers.

✨ Besides, he has no personality and nothing else to classify him "canonly," and so that's why everyone has their own version of him, like my boy Brine. CPs like Jeff and Slenderman has established habits and lore and personalities, where as Herobrine is pretty much free reign!

✨ But that's just my opinion.

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⭐️ You articulated what I was basically talking about way better than I did! I basically cut the whole “dead guy haunting the game” thing out of mine as well, because I felt like took something important away from Herobrine being in Minecraft itself and almost being like an entity of the game instead of just haunting it.

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I do agree that there is a definite split between the original Herobrine mythos and the resulting fan-made mythos. My thoughts:

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