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Hi there, my name is Helios! I'm an young self-taught artist, writer, and plushie maker logging my adventures in life here! I hope you enjoy my blogs and may you have a good day or night! | 22 | Trans Male | He/Him

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💬 I think that when May or June rolls around, I'm gonna start a series of comics about my actions figures and some of my plushies and dolls. I used to make traditional comics all the time and I think it's a fun concept to draw comics about living toys.

💬 I'll probably make some concept sketches and then get started in June. Why June? Well, they've estimated that I won't get my cutsom plushies of Brine and Daisy shipped until the end of May, so I want to wait until they're home before I do anything big.

💬 I'll probably use my last blog slot to make the blog and post some concept doodles and sketches on it while I wait for Brine and Daisy.

💬 I'm so excited!

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